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Dispute Resolution.

Going to court can be costly, stressful, and the process can take a long time.

There are a range of options available to clients where court can be avoided and parties can reach amicable solutions more quickly and cost effectively. 

Dispute resolution services can be delivered in the comfortable environment of our new purpose built offices and can be arranged at a convenient time for clients. 

Arbitrators and evaluators will dedicate their entire day to your case and nothing else. Dispute resolution proceedings remain private, and aren't open to the public or press.

Private FDR can replace the normal court based FDR in financial remedies proceedings, or can be used prior to the issue of proceedings as a means to aid resolution of financial remedies disputes. There is also scope to use the procedure in Schedule 1 Children Act, Inheritance Act, and TOLATA.

Sadly, our courts are under considerable pressure. The infrastructure is creaking. Court buildings are full with very little privacy. Cases are cancelled at short notice. Despite their best effort, judges sometimes don’t have enough time to deal properly with their long lists and not all judges have backgrounds in family cases. For clients, this can mean undue stress and spiralling costs.

The private FDR takes place at a convenient time for both parties and can be held in our new offices, which were designed with this process specifically in mind, alternatively it can be held at some other mutually convenient location or remotely. 

The evaluator is available for the entire day and will only be dealing with your case which allows negotiations to take place without the additional pressure of competing with several other cases for court time. 

Unlike court proceedings the private FDR is confidential and is not open to the public or the press. 

For more detailed information about the private FDR process please download our guide by clicking here.

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