We invest a great deal of time and effort seeking to develop the next generation of family lawyers.

We look for the very best candidates, especially those prepared to make a commitment to St Mary's and a career on the Midland Circuit. 

Recruiting tenants who complete pupillage with us has been the way we have grown Chambers into the diverse, welcoming set which we are known as today. 

Our pupils will have three different supervisors and will have the opportunity to experience all areas of work which Chambers is involved in. 

We recruit our pupils through the Pupillage Gateway, details of future recruitment will be posted on here. 

Our standard approach to processing pupillage applications is normally in three stages: 

  1. Marking of anonymised application forms using a standardised marking scheme. The criteria for 2023/24 is currently being updated and will be made available to applicants.
  2. First round interviews are offered to those make the cut off point from the first step. These are normally 15 to 20 minutes in length. 
  3. Final round interviews are offered to those who progress from the first round. These are normally an hour and a half in length.

Whilst we expect high standards throughout pupillage, all offers of pupillage are made with the intention that pupil will become a tenant on successfully completing pupillage.

“Aside from straight forward shadowing, pupillage at St Mary’s allows you essentially ‘be the barrister’ as from the very outset you will prepare the cases as if they were your cases”

Grow your career in a uniquely supportive environment.