Sarah Munro

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Having practised for over 25 years as a criminal barrister, Sarah joined St. Mary’s Chambers in 2019 in order to specialise in family law.

She is a compelling advocate and a forceful cross examiner with extensive courtroom experience in presenting and challenging complex evidence and dealing with sensitive and serious allegations.

Her direct and straightforward approach combined with a personable nature ensure that her clients feel reassured throughout challenging court process.

She is renowned for her sound judgment and her ability to quickly assimilate facts and identify the issues in a case.

Sarah is well attuned to the sensitivities needed both to represent and cross-examine those of different culture, religious and racial backgrounds, as well as vulnerable and difficult clients.

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In one of Sarah’s first hearings in family law, she represented a private client who had made an application for a CAO only to discover that he was not the child’s father. Sarah successfully argued for contact to continue whilst the issue of PR was resolved, within 2 weeks the child had been placed with him on an ICO.